Why us? 


Only board level advisors

Client facing staff at Forestreet are C-Level business leaders or ex-Big Four Partners. They will have delivered digital programmes in medium and large corporates so can understand the context, politics and challenges that you face. They will be credible advisors for companies of any size. 



We only get paid by our clients

Our aim is to deliver the best possible advice to our clients. This would be incompatible with accepting referral fees from the organisations we refer – so we don’t. We do not have our own digital solutions to push. We do not have a leveraged model where our seniors are there to sell more junior staff.

Our client fees are our only income and that guarantees our independence.



A global perspective

We know that the best ideas and technology may be in another geography or another sector. We have built a methodology and data lab to eliminate proximity bias. You can have confidence that your board will sign off on a thorough and thoughtful assessment of your options.



We resemble a B2B headhunter

Our clients are aware that they do not have all the skills in-house to achieve their objectives and want to avoid the cost and delay of on-boarding a multitude of permanent specialists.

As such, we work with clients to find the perfect organisations to partner with to achieve their goals in a cost-effective way.



We know our network is our greatest asset

Our partners have close to 50 years’ experience in driving growth gained by working with firms that range from start-ups to global multinationals and everything in between.

We are continually investing in the extensive networks of our senior team. We run a programme of formal and informal learning about the markets we advise on. We connect you into those networks when you need it both on the vendor and reference side.