How it works

Whether supporting the development of strategy or providing insights on the best solutions and partners - at the heart of the Forestreet approach is Navigator 2.0. Our analytics platform gives unrivaled visibility of technology innovators and providers.


Talking your language

Emerging technologies are, by definition, difficult to categorise. We use your business requirements to index the technology offered in the market and deliver that back to you in language and structure that makes sense for you.

For each engagement, a unique index matches your business questions to technology types and use cases. From that, we use data science to identify and categorise every potential supplier. 

Our platform uses intelligent search algorithms to map the ecosystem in scope and also identifies solutions from other markets that offer innovation and insight e.g. gaming VR technologies which can be used to develop compelling L&D. 



Navigator 2.0 allows us to create a data-set based on criteria that not only match your technical requirements, but also adapts to any technical or procurement red-lines.

Every record can be interrogated against 20 existing fields focusing on technical leadership and a company's ability to deliver. We can also enrich records with new information based on our clients request e.g. corporate social responsibility metrics.


Intuitive weighting and scoring

Once you have agreed the criteria for short-listing the appropriate solutions, the vendors are plotted to show each company's relative ability to deliver and technical leadership.

The score is calculated by combining a variety of proprietary and external data points and then weighting them based on client preferences and objectives.  This ensures that no client has to settle for a one size fits all answer, but instead can move forward knowing that all recommendations are tailored to them.

Company Profile.png

Detail where it counts

By combining our own proprietary search with leading external data sources we are able to offer an unrivaled depth of company insight.

Providing information ranging from turnover and financial strength through to key employees and patent information we ensure you have all the information you need to move forward with speed and confidence.


Real-time Sentiment

Navigator 2.0 uses AI to monitor the world's broadcast, print, and web news from all over the world in over 100 languages to identify and score opinions on the solutions and companies in the database.

Our sentiment score provides unique insight into what customers and users really think of a product based on an aggregated, weighted score from materials published in the last three months.