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Know yourself. Know the market. Create a balanced set of options Close the right deals. Faster.
Strategic support
We refine the objectives of the programme with you. We unpack the objectives in a way that ensures the best response from the market.
Advanced analytics
We have up to date information on 500,000 companies in our database drawn from multiple sources, combined with original research and a sentiment scoring algorithm. This engine allows for rapid, dynamic elimination of unqualified providers.
RFI library
We work within your existing governance and procurement process to support an effective RFI process.
Digital fitness assessment
We measure your change capability, digital readiness and barriers to adoption: Identifying what will make a partnership thrive.
Network access
We supplement our database with interviews with acknowledged industry or subject matter experts from our expansive network of associates and business leaders.
RFP structure and score
We provide guidance and support throughout the RFP process including scoring and selection and input but our approach makes sure that you stay in control.
Original market research
We perform original research to identify the relevant trends and innovations impacting the subject area and your industry.
Expert review
Our senior team will review the portfolio of options with you to ensure there is a representative and challenging mix. You will be able to demonstrate that a full set of options was considered.
Close and mobilise
Forestreet can support the negotiation and leverage our experience to ensure the commercial structures are informed by your priorities.
A detailed, workable brief
We consolidate these steps into a bespoke research strategy that matches a deep understanding of your requirement matched with insight on the market.
Long list & detailed assessments
Our method will bring you to a manageable and balanced list of 10-20 companies. You receive an individualised briefing on each that will allow you to knowledgeably engage with them
Digital success
By combining access to more of the market, proprietary search technology and board level advice we can move you from digital strategy to delivery faster and with better results.