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Our AI tool gives clients research superpowers, but they’re the real superheroes and we love to share their success stories. Explore our case studies below to see how we have helped leading businesses supercharge their vendor and market discovery.

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Global Payments

Need Market research heavily relies on manual processes, which are both time-consuming and cost-intensive. Unfortunately, these methods are prone to...

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Global Energy

3rd Party Financial Data Sentiment Analysis Employee Profiling Global Social Media Sources NLP Global Search The challenge BP had engaged...


Global Consultancy

Identified market trends Mapped and enriched using Natural Language Processing Provided a searchable data file The Challenge Workplace Experience is...

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Global Consultancy

Provided a visible market Built a taxonomy and an initial training data set Mapped and enriched vendors / products The...

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Investment Fund

Trained AI to consolidate complex, multi-lingual signals Ability to tune the algorithm Created a highly visual dashboard The Challenge Actis...

Retail Banking

Identified and categorised potential providers Developed a specialist tool to read and map GitHub Returned thousands of potential algorithms The...


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