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In the world of cybersecurity, the cloud takes centre stage as the leading concern for UK senior executives in 2023. A staggering 39% of these executives anticipate that cloud-based threats will significantly impact their organisations this year, surpassing concerns about other cyber threats from sources like laptop/desktop endpoints, web applications, and software supply chains.

AI-inspired products within the cybersecurity space are emerging as potential game-changers, and their adoption is on the rise. 56% of business leaders are planning to invest in new technologies in this field. The big vendors are pushing a range of solutions, including fraud monitoring technology, customer identification,  verification databases, and AML transaction monitoring. However, our automated topic analysis looks beyond promoted technologies and extends the market definition to include incident response, data loss prevention, and email forensics.

 39% of UK executives expect cloud-based threats to significantly impact their organisations in 2023

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As a glimpse into our platform, we’ve taken the list of Cloud Email Security and run it through our automated analysis. The feature below shows the results of our ‘Topic Analysis’, simply hover your cursor over the feature it creates a hierarchy of all the topics related to this market, allowing users to search for companies that mention specific topics in combination with various other variables. And the best part? Our platform can do this automatically for any category.

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