Future of work insights: Forestreet’s Founder & CEO, David Doyle featured in KPMG report

AI has evolved beyond being simply a tool; it has become a transformative force reshaping the future of work. Predictions indicate that employees will assume new and diverse job roles, working alongside AI-powered systems and processes. As teams unite to adopt new ways of working, they are expected to accelerate innovation significantly. However, this transformation introduces pressure on business leaders. To responsibly harness the potential of AI, leaders must guide their teams through this revolution. Their focus should be on preparing employees and teams for forthcoming changes, while also nurturing motivation throughout the journey towards the future of work.

Discover exclusive insights shared by our Founder & CEO, David Doyle, in the KPMG Future of Work report. As organisations recognise the pivotal role of middle managers in navigating the AI revolution, the report delves into how leaders should embrace the power of AI and other advanced technologies that are reshaping the way employees work.


Solutions used to require adaptation to their processes, following a set sequence of steps. But tools like ChatGPT adapt to our needs, making it transformative from a productivity standpoint. – David Doyle

Key Highlights:

  • Gain valuable insights into global employee perspectives on future work readiness.
  • Discover four actionable considerations to accelerate the adoption of AI and transformative technologies.

The Future of Work report provides practical strategies and insights to help leaders navigate the evolving landscape and empower their workforce for success.

Download the full KPMG Future of Work report below and explore the insights.


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