ProcureTech and Forestreet join forces to shape The 2023 ProcureTech100

ProcureTech uses Forestreet’s AI SaaS Market and Vendor Discovery platform to help find the 2023 ProcureTech100

October, 2023 – In the rapidly evolving landscape of procurement, data-centric solutions and platforms are leading the way. Forestreet’s partnership with ProcureTech marks a significant milestone. Our advanced AI SaaS Market and Vendor Discovery platform plays a pivotal role in the selection and curation of 2023 ProcureTech100 – the definitive 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions.

A Partnership Built on Innovation and Insight:
The procurement industry is in a continuous race towards more agile and data-driven strategies. Forestreet’s platform emerges not just as a tool, but as an ally in this journey, offering detailed insights and robust analysis. David Doyle, CEO of Forestreet, shares his views,

“Our collaboration with ProcureTech isn’t just about providing technology and data. It’s about Forestreet learning how we can support the future of procurement, working with the deep experts at ProcureTech so our technology makes a difference.”

As part of the ProcureTech100 selection process, thousands of solutions undergo rigorous evaluation. With the expertise of the Forestreet platform, the process achieves a new depth of precision, ensuring that the top 100 digital procurement solutions are truly the best in the industry.

Inside ProcureTech’s Mission:
Driven by an unwavering commitment to shaping the future of digital procurement, ProcureTech recognises the urgency to address pressing societal, environmental, and economic challenges. This calls for innovative strategies and platforms tailored for today’s procurement leaders and the wider #procuretech community. Leveraging its bespoke digital procurement platform, ProcureTech catalyses digital procurement transformation through the design and implementation of digital procurement blueprints, procuretech stacks and road maps, that incorporate the dynamic, data-driven insights from 1,000s of digital procurement solutions.

The ProcureTech100 Selection – A Deep Dive:
Each year, ProcureTech100 identifies and champions the 100 pioneering digital procurement technology, data and analytics solutions that are supercharging procurement. As part of the ProcureTech100 selection process, over 4,000 solutions are identified, before applying 50+ key data points including growth, security, customer, financial and employee data to create the shortlist. A shortlist emerges, which is then presented to a panel of 70+ seasoned procurement experts. In this critical evaluation phase, Forestreet’s platform proves invaluable. It provides the panel of experts with detailed and data-driven insights, enhancing their ability to assess the shortlisted solutions. These comprehensive insights are pivotal in determining the final lineup for the 2023 ProcureTech100, which will be announced at its virtual PIONEERS event on 2nd November.

At Forestreet, we are immensely proud and exhilarated to collaborate with ProcureTech. This partnership underscores our shared vision for a data-driven, progressive future in procurement. Through our combined efforts, we aim to elevate the standards of procurement, recognising the best practices and solutions that set new benchmarks in the industry.

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