Machine knows best: Why AI-driven solutions will replace traditional business research

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In today’s digital era, anyone with a smartphone or laptop has all the world’s knowledge at their fingertips. So, why is it so challenging for a business to get high-quality answers to simple research questions?

As David Doyle, Forestreet’s Founder and CEO, insightfully put it, “Traditional research often involves yes-men in pricey suits offering outdated insights for tomorrow’s price tags.”

Here’s why. Search engines are littered with sponsored content and easily gamed. Research from high-profile vendors costs a fortune and is fraught with issues of objectivity, expertise and timeliness. Moreover, the large language models that have gained so much recent attention don’t access the most current datasets required. Plus, they hallucinate.

What, then, is the insight-hungry business to do?

Whether you’re on the hunt for the best suppliers in a specific region or scouting for a business that aligns seamlessly with yours, where do you begin your research? The reality is that, it now takes “90% less time to find the right supplier using AI.”In this paper, we explain why traditional models for business research, dominated by either one-size-fits-all search engines or expensive research providers, are fatally flawed. And we introduce innovative AI-driven solutions that delivers precise, current research results at a fraction of traditional costs.



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