David Doyle talks to Procurement Software on the use cases and constraints of Generative AI in procurement

“There isn’t a perfect algorithm that can find the answer to your problem but there are combinations of technologies that can take you 80% of that journey very quicklyGenerative AI excels in certain areas, but combining it with other technologies and incorporating human input – is the way to achieve your desired results. Keep in mind, it’s not a perfect solution for everything; no single technology can do it all.” – David Doyle

In the latest episode of The Procuretech Podcast, our CEO and Founder, David Doyle, engages in an insightful conversation with Procurement Expert, James Meads, as they delve into the use cases and constraints of Generative AI in procurement. This session takes a deep dive into Generative AI, shedding light on its versatile applications while addressing its practical limitations in the procurement landscape. 

David emphasises that Generative AI offers immense promise, however, recognising its boundaries and identifying areas where human input remains crucial is of utmost importance. He shares his views on Generative AI and its capabilities, and how it has transformed supplier search while uncovering where human insight becomes a necessity, ensuring optimal value. 

Click below to listen to the full episode.

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